Pernikahan Adat Betawi ala Luciana dan Tyo

Lucy Tyo
Lucy Tyo

by  as published on Bridedept

Pernikahan adat Betawi sekarang ini mungkin sudah hampir terlupakan oleh generasi mudanya. Namun hal ini tidak berlaku bagi Luciana dan Tyo. Selain kedua orangtua Luciana yang memang berdarah Betawi asli, kedua pengantin lulusan Abang None Jakarta ini pun ingin melestarikan budaya asli tanah kelahirannya.

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Lamaran Adat Betawi ala Luciana dan Tyo

By Friska R, as published on Bridedept.

“Bagi aku, hubungan kami berdua seperti double agent, bisa dibilang sebagai lovers dan best friends,” begitulah penjelasan Luciana ketika ditanya mengenai hubungannya dengan Tyo. Mereka yang memiliki karakter berbeda namun tetap kompak satu sama lain, membuat hubungan mereka menjadi lebih harmonis dan berlanjut ke tahap selanjutnya. Tyo dan Luciana mengadakan lamaran adat betawi yang romantis. Yuk, simak kisah mereka!

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Grand Bouquet


Within the tranquil haven that is Bali, Juliana Kumala and Ryan Tjahjana wed in a romatically splendid ceremony.

From the start of their friendship to the day of their wedding and beyond, it is clear that Bali holds a special place in the hearts of newly wedded Juliana Kumala and Ryan Tjahjana. The couple first met on a trip to the famed “Island of the Gods” seven years ago, to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend, Meyrick. “Growing up, we’ve had a lot of mutual friends, but never officially met until our first trip together with friends to Bali,” reminisces Juliana.

After a year, their close friendship naturally transitioned into a romantic one, which flourished for five more years before Ryan popped the question in front of the couple’s family and close friends when they were vacationing at Amanika in Bali in June 2013. The idyllic island, thus, made perfect sense to the Jakarta-based couple as the venue for their wedding ceremony.

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Happy Moments

Having worked with such big names as Preston Bailey, wedding organizer Tiara Josodirdjo has quite an impressive portfolio. But what stands out most is the genuine care and thoughtfulness she has for her clients, writes Clarissa Santoso.

For Tiara Josodirdjo, organizing society weddings and other high-profile events is in her blood. She discovered her passion at a very early age. “My mom was actively involved in Dian Karya, a foundation that works to provide scholarships for underprivileged children. She would take me to fundraising bazaars for Dian Karya. I was still in kindergarten when I started helping out and organizing events,” says Tiara.

Tiara attended high school in a private college preparatory and boarding school in Danville, California. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Administration and went on to earn a Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management from Harvard University. “When I was in the U.S., I was active in a lot of clubs and organizations,” she recalls. “I was International Student Director in college, and I represented, not only the Indonesians but students from all over the world. I was also actively involved in Indonesian student organizations. One of the things I did was organizing fund raisers for charity causes. Ironically, when I was in Jakarta I never appeared in the newspapers, but in California, they covered me and my events.”

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The Plus Side of Passion


— In the middle of her busy day, Tiara Josodirdjo gave Stella Mailoa her time to share about her dream team.

“It’s not me, it’s a collaboration of the whole team,” state Tiara when she’s asked about the secret behind her success. Since schooling time, Tiara admits that she was very active in many organizations, even when in U.S., she was the international student director in college. Her skill in developing and organizing events gave her those opportunities. “Since a long time ago, I always like to work behind the scene,” admit Tiara. Now, her own company, Tiara Josodirdjo & Associates have been running for over 20 years.

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