The Plus Side of Passion


— In the middle of her busy day, Tiara Josodirdjo gave Stella Mailoa her time to share about her dream team.

“It’s not me, it’s a collaboration of the whole team,” state Tiara when she’s asked about the secret behind her success. Since schooling time, Tiara admits that she was very active in many organizations, even when in U.S., she was the international student director in college. Her skill in developing and organizing events gave her those opportunities. “Since a long time ago, I always like to work behind the scene,” admit Tiara. Now, her own company, Tiara Josodirdjo & Associates have been running for over 20 years.

TJ&A have 4 department which are organizing, production, entertainment and creative. Each department is run by the high qualified people with high responsibility. For Tiara, they must run it by themselves, with or without her. And the result, TJ&A have organized big events, even without Tiara’s on-site supervision. Every department manages their schedules, works and coordination each other. That’s why some of them were hired by other event organizers. Besides, Tiara also expresses that she’s happy and proud to see her employees moving forward. “If they were leaving this place for better future, I would never stop supporting them,” state Tiara.

The team also express their great experiences after years working with Tiara. Yeni, event specialist, she’s happy to be part of an event, in struggling to make the clients’ dreams come true, and also in meeting with a lot of people with different characters. Meanwhile, as a corporate and creative specialist, Andi feels challenged in making out-of-space ideas happened. He admits that Tiara’s vision, support and detail-minded pushed him in struggling to overcome every situation.

There’s also passionate production team, expresses his proud of making many dream weddings come true, getting involved in many spectacular events, also of helping wedding decoration and production crew. Meanwhile, for Bambang Stio, an entertainment director who already joined since 1999, Tiara’s vision and mission for Indonesian arts and cultures is amazing. It was always shown from adding strong ethnic elements into international music concept for the events. He also admires the professionalism and faith that Tiara gave. “Her mother-like made the team feel like working with family,” state Bambang.

In every opportunity, Tiara always motivates her team to be the best. “We must struggle to get the moon. If we were fallen, then we would fall between stars,” is the sentence that she used to motivate her team. About her future dreams, Tiara would love to make a musical show that highlights the history of Indonesia. “I’m pursuing more and more, but wedding is still my passion. I can never leave it.”

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